Friday, 16 December 2016

Last Blog Post

Hi Everyone,
Today is my last day at Hay Park School.  I will  remember Hay Park School forever because it's been my life for six years. Mrs Archer has been an amazing teacher to me and my class. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I would like to show some photos of me and my friends at graduation.

Here they are...

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rotoroa Island Writing

Kia Ora Blogging World,
Yesterday me and my class went to Rotoroa Island with Kileen Class Here is my writing on when we went on the boat.

On the boat

It was terrifying when we entered the boat. It wasn’t because of going on a ferry        but I was terrified of going to Rotoroa Island. I was so used to being on a ferry. It was a lot of fun on the boat. I sat next to Alaskah, Osana, Vonairay, Zaria, Sami(Boy), and Dorina. We played games that made me excited to go to Rotoroa Island. We all became  and got tired. We picked up people from Waiheke and that’s how I knew we were close. I got excited. I jumped up and then the boat started to rock and I nearly fell on Alaskah. It was funny but I was relieved that I didn’t fall because that would be embarrassing.

When our day was over at Rotoroa Island we went back to downtown Auckland on the boat. I sat by myself and then Alaskah sat next to me. We moved from one seat to another to another. Then Lupe came and sat next to us.  We had so much fun. We played I dare you. I lost so many times. I had to do the gangnam style for thirty seconds, then it changed into ten seconds, and then in to three seconds. I had to dab for thirty seconds. I also got to dare Alaskah and Lupe. We laid down in peace. We reached the city. I said to myself “what a great day we had”.

Friday, 14 October 2016

SPCA Book Launch

Guten tag Blogging World,
On Wednesday the 12th of October there was a book launch held at my school (Hay Park School). It was a lot of fun meeting the author of the book who's name was John Carr. In his books he has different illustrators but the illustrator that came to the book launch was Astrid Matijasevic. John Carr made wrote these books for the SPCA. My favourite book out of all of them was Pumpkin Pie and Pavlova. First there was a beautiful performance by the Kapa Haka. After that we had some speeches from the author and Wendy Pie. Wendy pye is the boss of sunshine books. My favourite part of the night was meeting all the dogs, and I mean all of them. In total there were 10 dogs. I don't remember all of their names but I remember most of them. Their names were, Roka, Luna, Mandy, Maggie, Plum, Scruffy, Poku, Terry, and there were two more but I don't remember all there names. Here are some of the photos of the night.
This is the Kapa Haka Performing their dance.
This is Saunoa, Jahleena and Cicilia patting Rocka.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Kia Ora Blogging World,
Scott Class has been set a challenge from Misty. The challenge was to make the best advertisement. My group was advertising water. The people in my group was Hulita, Alaskah, Lupe, Vonairay, Jahleena, and myself. It was so fun to make an advertisement. We had bloopers too but not in the video I'm going to show you.  Scroll down to watch our amazing and entertaining advertisement. Hope you enjoy it.

Helping Morris Class

Kia Ora Blogging World,
Today Scott Class has been helping Morris Class learn  new things about Chromebooks because next year they will be year 4's. That means that they are going to be in a digital class with Chromebooks. So we were just giving them some more tips. My partner was Jacob. I taught him how to change the colour of a picture, how to insert shapes, and also how to do a blog post. Here is the blog post we done together and also the photo that we edited.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Final week of dance

Kia Ora Blogging World,

Today in dance we were learning to do storytelling. It was amazing. We played the nature freeze game to warm us up.  We read a book called giraffes can't dance. It had a great message to it, the message was that everyone can dance it will just take a while to discover your talent. We learnt a bit of rock n roll, Cha Cha, tango, and we learnt one cool dance. The song to it was worth it by Fifth Harmony. Everyone loved the song because duh it was a Fifth Harmony song. After that we all sat down and reflected on all of the amazing activities we done. As always we took a bow and thanked Emily for her amazing work she done with us. Keep scrolling if you would like to see photos of us dancing. Massive thanks to Emily our dance coach.

Here is Pee'ana and Emily doing the twist

Here we are learning a new dance

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Manu taratahi: Create task

Hi there people,
For reading we have been reading a book about making manu taratahi. We done a PK task, then we done a comprehension task where we had to fill in our answers to the questions on the presentation. Last of all we had to do a create task. Our create task was to draw our own manu taratahi. It was a very fun task to do.
Here is a picture of mine.